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April-May is booked, join the waitlist.

Not taking orders In June - we are taking a summer break!

Books open 6/1 for July orders


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We are NOT opening books on May 1

because we are taking June off!


Books open on June 1 for orders to be

completed and made In July


Books open on July 1 for orders to be

completed and made In August


Books open on June 1 for orders to be completed in July

Harry Potter

Happee Birthday




Name customization only

Toy not Included

Hogwarts House Cookies

Your dog gets sorted Into a ​Hogwarts House

by taking a short quiz!


6 house-specific cookies

est 2020


Hi, I’m Mimi co-owner, baker, decorator, and all the ​other things of Desert Dog Treat Bar. I work full-time In ​tech by day and make dope ass dog cakes by night.

I’m an artist and creator at heart and love working with ​customers that allow me creative freedom to do my ​best work!

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Email: Woof@DesertDogTreatBar.Com

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Desert Dog Treat Bar is more than just a treat shop; it's a celebration of the bond between ​dogs and their humans. Rooted in our commitment to the local Phoenix community, we ​source our ingredients from businesses like Blue Sky and Absolutely Delightful, as well as ​trusted farmers and ranchers such as Moon River and Adam’s Natural Meats.

Our treats are a labor of love, made by hand in small batches to ensure freshness and ​quality.

We believe in the power of simple, natural ingredients, free from additives and ​preservatives, and void of artificial flavors. This philosophy extends to our belief that fresh ​treats contribute to a happier, longer life for your beloved pets.

Join us on a journey of joy and well-being as we create special moments with treats that ​reflect our dedication to freshness, quality, and the happiness of both dogs and their human ​companions.



We believe In building ​friendships with our ​customers. This is a place for ​you and your dog to ​celebrate moments big and ​small.


We aren't your average ​cookie-cutter dog treat ​business. We are sassy, edgy, ​bougie, and extra AF ​sometimes.


We believe in helping your ​dog live a longer life through ​handmade, small-batch ​treats using locally sourced ​ingredients.



  • I open my books once per month on the 1st of each month. I only take on so many clients a month so please book quickly


  • We do offer a subscription box each month but space Is limited. If we are full, you can join the waitlist!


  • Due to the customization of each Item, I do not offer refunds for any reason


  • All tips are donated to @AZHuskyRescue In honor of your pup


  • It is the customer’s responsibility to email me designs if you are looking for something specific. Otherwise, I will Interpret your design. If ​you are unhappy with your design, I do not offer refunds


  • Wholesale Is available but we only release a certain amount of cookies each month. Please fill out this form If you are Interested In ​being on our wholesale list.
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extra af cake

Custom Ca​kes

Best seller Neon sign illustration

A Little Bougie | $90 + taxes

  • 2 tier 5"
  • your theme or dealer’s choice
  • name cookie + number cookie included
  • includes: decorated cookies surrounding your cake
  • feeds 5-10 dogs

Extra AF | $150 + taxes

  • Our go-to party cake!
  • 3 tier 5"
  • your theme or dealer’s choice
  • name cookie + number cookie included
  • includes: decorated cookies, mini cupcakes, donuts, pom ​poms
  • feeds 10+ dogs

Bougie cupcakes - Include 2.5" minis on top of cupcake

Ot​her Birthday Options

Birthday Package | $330 + taxes

  • 1 - extra AF cake
  • 12 - bougie cupcakes (1 mini decorated cookies on top)
  • 12 - decorated cookies (usually on display table but we can ​package them as well)
  • 12- goodie bags with plain treats inside + 1 decorated treat ​per bag
  • Free Delivery (as long as you are located within our delivery ​range)
  • you choose the theme!

Extras Add-ons | $varies + taxes

  • Basic cupcakes $5 ea
  • Bougie cupcakes $6 ea
  • Additional name cookies $1.50 ea
  • Additional number cookies $2 ea

Custom Cookies

Birthday Box | $30 + taxes

  • 6 cookies
  • Theme of your choice

Custom Cookies (individual) |

$varies + taxes

  • 0-11 cookies $6 each
  • 12 cookies $66
  • 18 cookies $94.50
  • 24 cookies $126
  • 36 cookies $189
    • Each cookie is medium sized 3”-4”
    • Bagged in twist tie baggies with ingredient label
    • Email designs to: woof@desertdogtreatbar.com


Cakes / Cookies

  • Cakes: brown rice flour, cage-free eggs, organic peanut butter, coconut oil, baking powder, ​baking soda, lactose-free milk and sometimes there will be a fruit like bananas!
  • Cookies: organic coconut flour, chickpea flour, cage-free eggs, organic pumpkin, organic ​peanut butter
  • Jerky: 100% chicken, 100% beef, 100% Bision

Frosting / Icing

  • Frosting: milk solids, yogurt powder, tapioca starch, coconut milk powder, tapioca maltodextrin, ​coconut flour.
  • Icing: Yogurt Powder, Tapioca Starch, Tapioca Maltodextrin, Coconut Milk Powder, Coconut ​Flour, Milk Solids, Tapioca Maltodextrin, Apple Pectin


  • Natural powders no dyes (beet, turmeric, butterfly pea, spinach, etc). Each color Is hand-mixed ​meaning, no two colors will ever look the same.
  • We do not offer metallics.
  • If you want bright colors, we will need to use dyes

storage and tips

hard treats

  • Microwave your decorated biscuit In 5 second Increments
  • Repeat this 2-3 times until desired softness
  • Let cool before serving to your doggo!

Sh​elf Life

  • Biscuits - Dehydrated and have a crunch to them
    • Can be stored In a cool, dry place, away from moisture
    • You can store them In the fridge to extend shelf-life
    • We recommend to have your dog consume In 30 days but shelf-life can last 90 days
  • Jerky - Dehydrated
    • Can be stored In a cool, dry place, away from moisture
    • It Isn’t necessary to keep In the fridge, but you can If you prefer
    • We recommend to have your dog consume In 30 days but shelf-life can last 90 days
  • Toppers
    • We recommend to have your dog consume In 30 days If open

Any of our biscuits, jerkys, or toppers In a vaccum sealed bag can last 3+ months


Customize your own treat box!

Invoices are sent out on the 1st of each month and due ​by the 20th ​In order to make our order schedule for the ​following month.

Orders will ship the first week of each month.

Customize your Box

Save $2-$3 on each Item

price below doesn’t Include taxes

  • Beef Jerky + Topper | $13 each
  • Chicken Jerky + Topper | $ 12 ​each
  • Bison Jerky Only | $17 each
  • Biscuits | $9
  • Flat Shipping | $5.99

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Speech Bubble

Extra items that ​​don’t fit In the ​jar ​will be ​vacuumed ​​sealed


Get extra perks by being a treat ​club member

  • Books open to our treat members 1 day ​early
  • Lowest possible prices
  • Discount for your dog’s birthday
    • 10% off Birthday Cake
  • Discount on pop-up sales

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cake delivery

We only deliver cakes on SOME Saturdays.

We are based In Goodyear and charge ​extra for deliveries that are outside of our ​range.

Yellow area = free

Orange area = $11.99 extra

However, you can pickup from Goodyear ​for free.

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We accept limited wholesale orders per ​month and they are first come, first serve. ​We will email out our list of wholesalers ​saying we have x number of cookies ​available - so jump on It fast!

I’m an artist and a creative human at the ​core of my being. Clients that allow me my ​creative freedom are the Ideal wholesale ​customers for me.

I do not take custom orders for wholesale ​but instead designs are “dealer’s choice.” ​This means, designs that I am really vibing ​with at the time but I will take in mind the ​season/upcoming holidays!

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Snow Covered Trees
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Co​nsulting $75/hr

From catapulting our business from $1,600 in year ​one to an impressive $93k in gross sales by year ​three, our journey has been transformative. If you're ​seeking guidance and answers to propel your ​business forward, consider our consulting services. ​Let's work together to navigate your challenges ​and unlock the potential for your success

Retainer $150/ month

For enhanced support, consider enrolling in a ​monthly retainer that includes a bi-weekly 30-​minute one-on-one session, regular feedback, and ​the flexibility to ask additional one-off questions ​via messages.

With this arrangement, you'll also have access to ​out to me directly. Ideal for those seeking ongoing ​troubleshooting assistance and a consistent ​platform for bouncing off ideas.


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If you don’t want to pay for consulting, you can ​watch ​me decorate cakes and cookies for free on ​Twitch.

You will need to set up an account and download ​the ​app, but again, It’s free!

coming soon

Ge​t Started Guide

You can buy my “Get Started” guide If you are ​thinking ​of starting your own dog treat business. ​This will help ​guide you through a checklist of things ​you need to ​do, consider, and buy.


Pi​tch Deck

Wanting to grow your business to wholesale? Here

Is how I did It!

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Ru​n The Biz Starter Sheet

Not organized? This spreadsheet pack will be ​great for you! It will give you the basics you need ​to track ​orders, understand your margins, and set ​goals.